Raybow and Shenzhen University to build a joint training base for graduate students
Release time:2021-07-13

 On July 12, 2021, Raybow Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen University reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will jointly build a joint training base for graduate students, the main directions include: high-power semiconductor laser chips, semiconductor laser chip automatic characterization test equipment, automatic defect detection and other professional directions. Li Guo, vice dean of the Graduate School of Shenzhen University, and Cao Guangzhong, professor of the School of Mechatronics and Control Engineering attended the awarding ceremony. Dr. Hu Hai, general manager of Raybow opto,  are also employed as the external graduate supervisors of Shenzhen University.

The base support unit Raybow Opto has entered the high-speed development period, the demand for talents is extremely urgent. By personnel of the joint training and joint development of the project, the graduate student union training base to Raybow company laboratory for local colleges and universities and scientific research personnel, cultivate enterprise needs of scientific research personnel, at the same time reduce the cost of enterprise project development pressure, implementing the resources sharing, advantages to promote the development of the enterprise independent innovation ability, improve the scientific research strength of enterprises.

The construction of the base is also committed to improving the practical ability of graduate students in the direction of semiconductor laser and advanced manufacturing, so that graduate students can sublimate theory through practice, on the basis of solid theoretical background, so that they can obtain social experience in production practice in school, and improve their future career selection and employment ability. This paper provides the young technical strength for our modern semiconductor laser and advanced manufacturing industries by training talents with perfect professional skills.

Li Guo, vice president of the Graduate School of Shenzhen University, said that at present, there are 22 master's programs and 10 doctoral programs in Shenzhen University. Due to the expansion of postgraduate enrollment, the rapid development of new technologies and the accelerated pace of enterprise innovation, the existing postgraduate education resources are unable to meet the requirements of the development speed, scale and quality in the new era. In this context, the concept of "new engineering" graduate training is going deep, and professional graduate students need the combination of industry, education and research to suit the development of society. Through the graduate student of joint training base construction, will lead to a graduate innovation at shenzhen university, in the education system and mechanism, to explore various forms of cooperation between colleges and joint training mode, to promote science and education resources sharing between university and enterprise, make full use of the resources, give full play to the advantages, in training high-level top creative talents for the new breakthrough.

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