Raybow received the OFWEEK Innovation Award for Laser Components, Accessories and Components Technology
Release time:2021-09-25

On September 24, 2021, OFweek Laser Awards 2021 was held at the Sheraton Greater China Hotel in Shenzhen. Raybow Optoelectronics has won the OFWEEK Innovation Award for Laser Components, Accessories and Components for its 638nm high-power red LD chip.

Winning product: high-power 638nm red chip

Laser display can realize large gamut, double HD (geometry, color) video image display, known as "the revolution in the history of human vision", is the international display field research hotspot and development direction. Red, green and blue primary color semiconductor laser (LD) is the core device of laser display, which has received great attention at home and abroad. In addition, the application of laser in lighting has also developed rapidly in recent years, including automobile headlights, urban landscape lighting, etc., but at present, RGB laser chips are 100% dependent on imports. For the above applications, Raybow Optoelectronics has invested a lot of resources to develop high-power 638nm red chip since 2016. It has solved the major problems from epitaxial design, chip design, chip flow sheet, chip packaging and so on. It has realized the large-scale production of high-power 638nm red chip and filled the gap in China.

At present, Raybow Optoelectronics has successfully developed 638nm red LD chips of different specifications such as 0.5W/1W/2.5W. Taking 1W 638nm red light chip RB-638A-110-1-1.5-SE as an example, the output power reaches 1W at the operating current of 1.4A, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is 34%. The slope efficiency is 1.1W/A, and the temperature drift coefficient is 0.18nm/℃, which is close to the world advanced level.

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