Raybow Opto won the Excellence Award of "China Optoelectronics Expo Award"
Release time:2021-10-09

he final selection and award list of the "China Opto-Electronics Expo Award", which has attracted the attention of the industry, especially the exhibitors of China International Opto-Electronics Expo, was announced at the opening welcome party of the 23rd China International Opto-Electronics Expo (CIOE) and the 2021 "China Opto-Electronics Expo Award" ceremony in the evening of September 16. Prof. Shining Zhu and Prof. Ying Gu from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dianyuan Fan from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Zhongwei Fan from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice President of Aerospace Information Innovation Research Institute, awarded awards to the winning enterprises.

"China Optoelectronics Expo Award" is proposed by the Organizing committee of China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE), approved by the Presidium of CIOE, and discussed and approved by the special meeting of the evaluation expert committee. It is a product technology achievement award with the theme of new optoelectronics products and new technologies. Start is the purpose of this major activities in order to further promote the development of photovoltaic industry and technology of China, to encourage the enterprises to develop new products and to carry out the motivation of technological innovation, through the activities to present the latest achievements in China photoelectric technology industry, for the participating enterprises and institutions provide an opportunity to display their own technical strength and scientific research.

The award collection has been highly concerned by the majority of exhibitors and active participation, after three rounds of expert panel review and report to the Presidium for review, a total of 97 effective participating projects 37 projects shortlisted, the final 34 projects participated in the "China Optoelectronics Expo Award" on-site review held in the pavilion on September 15. Finally decide the 2021 "China Opto-Electronics Expo Award" winner list. After fierce competition, Raybow Opto has successfully won the "China Opto-Electronics Expo Award" for its 905nm LiDAR chip.

Award certificate

The project focuses on the epitaxial structure design, materials and chip preparation process of 905nm liDAR chip, breakthroughs in laser chip epitaxial materials, cavity surface dissociation, cavity surface passivation, spot control and other key technologies, and realizes the output power of 140W, reaching the international leading level, and successfully enters commercial use.

Shenzhen Raybow company has developed more than 11 905 nm EEL products, products include power 6 w / 20w / 25 w / 50 w / 75 w / 100 w / 140 w, technical indicators reached international advanced level, and to achieve 905 - nm pulse laser chips listed on the scale of production and batch, Widely used in vehicular lidar, robot lidar, UAV LIDAR, ranging telescope and other fields, has become the leading 905nm laser chip supplier in China. This award is a full affirmation and encouragement of the technical strength and marketability of Raybow  Optoelectronics. In the future,Raybow  will develop more new products for the next generation Lidar to meet the market demand.

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